ABB Motors and Generators Oy

Welding and machining to the pioneers of energy efficiency – ABB Motors and Generators Inc.

ABB Oy is a pioneer in the development of energy-efficient motors in Finland. The operations of ABB Motors and Generators focus on research and development of high-efficiency motors and generators. Finland’s ABB Motors and Generators factories are located in Helsinki and Vaasa, and motors and generators developed and manufactured in Finland are exported worldwide to all industries.

“Our market is global, and at the moment we are purchasing for example stator trunks for pump motors, which enable us to pump water higher in India. We cooperate in chassis and rotor centers as well as with motors and generators. One operation is plate package machining, and Kumera Machinery has the capacity to machine up to three-meter disc packages”, says ABB Motors and Generators’ Planning and Fulfillment Manager Arla-Netta Österman.

Kumera Machinery provides welding and machining for trunks and spiders of motors and generators for ABB’s Motors and Generators unit. ABB Motors and Generators also purchases machining for cruisers and icebreakers as well as marine engines.

Cooperation with ABB has been established since the beginning of the 2000s and the collaboration has significantly increased during the 2010s. During recent cooperation, ABB Motor and Generation’s annual sales growth has been +80 % – 180 %. Throughout the cooperation, ABB Motors and Generators has succeeded in further increasing its offering and quality standards.

“Overall, the cooperation with Kumera Machinery has worked well’,’ says Österman. “We have made a lot of purchases lately, so flexibility and high service quality are very important to us. We particularly appreciate being able to work together flexibly, depending on the actual production needs”, Österman concludes.


  • Welding and machining frames, rotor centers and generators
  • Machining to cruises, icebreakers, and marine engines
  • Results include improved service and response time and lower shipping costs
  • Kumera Machinery’s high-quality services and flexibility in operations are keys to success.

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