Valmet Technologies Inc.

Quality delivery for a global leader in paper and pulp technology

Valmet is a leading service provider for paper, pulp and energy technology, and automation. Valmet’s global operations function with the strength of 13 000 professionals and a growing 3.3 billion € annual net sales.

Kumera Machinery provides products for Valmet’s end users around the world, with a special focus on Europe and the Pacific-Asia region. 

“We have worked with Kumera Machinery for decades now, with high-demand and slower years in between,” says Valmet’s Purchasing Manager Keijo Kainulainen. 

During the past decade, Kumera Machinery and Valmet have operated very closely since 2016. Kumera produces steel constructions for paper and pulp industry, especially welded, mechanized and painted black structural steel. A section of a trunk for a slitter winder could be as heavy as 15 to 20 thousand kilos. 

“We have been especially content with the accuracy in delivery in Kumera’s part. The work, such as the trunk parts, corresponds to our economy and quality demands, and the parts are made and delivered as promised,” Kainulainen notes. 

“On top of this, our chemistry and our way of thinking are similar. It is very important to us that our relationships with those in operative positions in our partnership companies are good”, Kainulainen concludes. 

Key takeaways: 

  • Steel construction creation and delivery for paper and pulp industry
  • A global end-user audience, with a focus on Asia region
  • Long-term partnership with high-quality and timely construction and delivery

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