Services and machinery

Our services include subcontracting, general contractor’s manufacturing and parts manufacturing for process industries.

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We cater to the needs of subcontracting, contract manufacturing and the manufacturing of single parts.

Subcontracting and parts manufacturing

Kumera Machinery is a reliable, long-term partner for our customers in its industrial segments. We offer services for prefabrication, welding, machining, heat treatment, surface treatment, and assembly.

Comprehensive services for different stages of production

Kumera Machinery offers services starting from designing and offers our expertise to ensure successful product design manufacturing. The keys to our success are our skilled workforce and our seamless cooperation in realization. In total, the Kumera Group employs over 350 professionals worldwide.

Professional services from Finland

Kumera Machinery operates in Finland, a country known for its superb education and professionalism in process industries. While Kumera Machinery mainly operates on serving European countries, we provide our services globally. Kumera Machinery particularly serves the paper and pulp industry, energy industry and metal processing.

High-quality and certified

The products conform to quality standard ISO 9001, welding quality standard ISO 3834-2 and environmental standard ISO 4001, and we work in accordance with the classification societies of the marine industry. Kumera Machinery manufactures pressure vessels in accordance with the ASME code and the EU PED directive, which allows us to deliver to the US, Canada and the EEA.

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