Heat treatment

Kumera Machinery has a long experience with heat treatment and our oven fits pieces as large as 7000 x 7000 x 2200 mm up to 25 tonnes in weight.

The heat treatment line offers a wide range of treatments such as carbon hardening, temper hardening, and post-weld heat treatment. ADI (Austempered Ductile Iron) has the same mechanical properties as steel but is lighter in mass. ADI treatment is widely used in the mechanical industry.

Heat treatment, case hardening
  • ADI-heat treatment
  • Case hardening
  • PWHT, normalization
Case Hardening (cooling in controlled atmosphere)
To air
To oil
To salt brine
PWHT, normamilzation
Height 1 800 mm
Diameter 1 500 mm
Weight: 2000 kg
Heat treatment line
  • PWHT, stress relieving

Max. dimensions

Lenght: 7 000 mm
Width: 7 000 mm
Height: 2 200 mm
Weight: 25 t
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Harri Suokas, Sales Manager