Surface treatment

Our surface treatment services include high pressure washing, spray picking, sand blasting and wet painting. Our large facilities allow for the surface treatment of large pieces as well.

We are able to surface treat all pieces we make

  • Painting area: 12 x 40 m
  • Hook height: 7,2 m
  • Lifting capacity: 16 t
  • Handling capacity: < 100 t


(Wet) painting

Our modern painting facilities allow us to coat large and heavy objects in accordance with our customers painting systems. The measures can be up to 6,000 x 6,000 x 30,000 mm.

The paint shop is a dust-free area, equipped with efficient air-conditioning equipment.

Sand blasting and high-pressure washing

The surfaces of the pieces are cleaned with sand blasting and high pressure mashing before painting.

Spray picking

Picking cleans the surface of austenitic and ferritic sintered materials from impurities. Even large and heavy pieces can be treated at our pickling facilities.

We are happy to assist with all manufacturing questions. Contact us for more details.
Harri Suokas, Sales Manager